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McDonalds extends its cafe chain rollout as it battles Tim Hortons and Starbuck

Robert Carter, Executive Director of Foodservice at The NPD Group, says McDonald’s is keen to expand its distribution model to try and siphon more market share away from its rivals.

Pay-what-you-can grocery opens in Toronto, but experts say model can be hit-or-miss

Suggesting pay-what-you-can risks turning some potential benefactors off, says food industry expert Robert Carter, noting the fear of paying too much, or too little, can lead some uncertain shoppers to go elsewhere.


Athletic Footwear Quickens Its Pace in Canada’s Urban Areas

Competing in the hot-and-getting-hotter Canadian athletic and outdoor markets makes it necessary to understand the purchase behaviour of every kind of consumer, from core athletes to those who are barely active. Get to know the sports consumer segments in Canada.

Small Appliances — Black Friday Beats Boxing Week!

Now there's a way to watch the results of your holiday sales efforts, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday to Boxing Day and beyond. Our weekly data lets you zoom in on Canadian small appliances industry performance to gauge the impact of marketing campaigns during key selling weeks throughout the year.

Canadian Fashion Intel

Take a quick break to explore what’s worth watching in fashion

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