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Unboxing Meal Kit Delivery Services

By Robert Carter 
Canadian Foodservice Industry  Expert
The NPD Group

For decades, Canadians have grappled with the classic question, “What’s for dinner?”  Traditionally, the answer to that question fell into one of two categories: stay in or eat out. However, as technology continues to disrupt the way we eat, Canadians now have many more options when it comes to that dinner question. For example, recent estimates suggest more than 600,000 meal kits are being delivered to Canadians each month.

Home-delivered meal kits, such as those offered by services like Chefs Plate, Blue Apron, and Good Foods, have garnered a small, but seemingly dedicated, segment of enthusiasts in Canada. Meal-kit companies offer consumers a menu of ready-to-prepare dishes that are typically marketed as easy to make, healthy, and delicious. Meal ingredients arrive pre-portioned with a recipe for consumers to follow.

The meal-kit business has roughly doubled since 2014, growing quickly to become a $120 million industry in Canada. In fact, meal kits are now among the fastest-growing food segments in the Canadian marketplace.

Are these kits a passing fad, or is this a trend worth watching? How can manufacturers showcase their products to consumers by getting “in the box”?

Our new report, Thinking Inside the Box: A Fresh Look at Meal Kit Delivery Services, integrates a range of our data with expert insights from our team of food and beverage consumption analysts. No other source tells the story of meal kit delivery services in such a compelling way.

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