Despite High Awareness, Only One in Six Canadians Have Invested in Home Automation

TORONTO, April 27, 2015 — The vision of a life made simpler by technology has come closer to fruition through Home Automation.  Through the increased presence of the “Internet of Things,” devices and appliances are now being networked together to provide consumers with seamless control of their homes. However, while consumers are aware of this technology, there has been reluctance when it comes to adoption.

According to The NPD Group’s recent Home Automation Study, over 80 per cent of Canadian consumers are aware of home automation products, yet only 16 per cent report owning one. While the growth potential for these products appears vast, consumers are still approaching this category tentatively.

“While adoption has been slow, we know that almost 60 per cent of consumers have expressed some interest in purchasing at least one home automation product,” says Dave Adamchick, The NPD Group. “Strong consumer interest is certainly the first step towards adoption, and we expect this category to continue to expand moving forward.”

Who’s Buying?
According to the research, familiarity with network-connected home automation products is strongest among males and younger consumers (18-34 year olds). In fact, more than half of these early adopters are under the age of 45 and 52 per cent of home automation product owners have a household income of less than $70,000.  

Interestingly, those living in Quebec have higher awareness of home automation technology than those living in other parts of the country; with those living in the Atlantic Provinces showing the least amount of familiarity.

What’s Selling?
Security products like cameras and alarm systems – as opposed to energy management devices - tend to be consumers’ first foray into the home automation category. Less than one-in-four current owners have opted for a full home solution, including both security and energy management products.

When it comes to purchasing technology, emotional drivers outweigh the functional ones in purchase decision for security products. When it comes to energy management products, financial benefits are typically most influential. Furthermore, TV and radio advertisements and word-of-mouth prove to be most effective in generating awareness for home automation products.

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