Understanding the Canadian Cannabis User

New Service Offering Provides Foodservice Operators with an In-Depth Understanding of the Eating Habits of Canadian Cannabis Users

Toronto, ON September 5, 2019 – The NPD Group is proud to introduce a new service offering that will provide foodservice operators with an in-depth understanding of the eating habits of Canadian cannabis users. The new data offering, which is being integrated into NPD’s CREST® information service, will track consumer behaviour, attitudes, and usage motivators of Canadian cannabis users.

The new service comes nearly 12 months after the introduction of the federal Cannabis Act, which effectively legalized the sale and consumption of cannabis in Canada.

“It’s important to remember that our understanding of the cannabis user at foodservice is just beginning to take form,” said Vince Sgabellone, Foodservice Industry Analyst at The NPD Group. “This is truly a tipping point in Canadian history that will present substantial opportunities for savvy retailers and foodservice operators who are committed to spending the time to truly understand this unique consumer and their demands.”

Understanding the Cannabis User at Foodservice

So what does NPD’s data tell us about cannabis users? When comparing users to non-users at foodservice, users tend to skew younger, with the 34 and under age cohort representing 45 per cent of traffic vs 33 per cent of non-users.

They are also more inclined to make foodservice purchases through Retail (11 per cent vs 9 per cent), and less inclined to visit full service restaurants (17 per cent vs 23 per cent for non-users). QSR usage, on the other hand, remains steady amongst users.

While users eat out at QSR just as often as the average CREST visitor, their brand preferences vary slightly. They are more inclined to visit QSR Pizza, Burger and Sandwich, and less inclined to visit the QSR Coffee category (a finding that seems rather ironic given the initial media focus on “pot cafés” post-legalization).

All off-premise access modes are over-developed among cannabis users, including delivery. And while there is no obvious daypart that is over-developed among cannabis users, breakfast sandwiches and hash-browns are among the most over-developed menu items.

In terms of beverages, alcohol consumption is on par amongst cannabis users while coffee is under-developed. Soft drinks, iced tea, smoothies and milk shakes are all over-developed. Perhaps not surprisingly, salty snacks and candy are both over-developed amongst users as well.

Cannabis and the Canadian Restaurant Leadership Summit

To learn more about the impact of cannabis on the Canadian foodservice industry, join us on November 5 at the Canadian Restaurant Leadership Summit in Toronto. The event, hosted by The NPD Group and CWB Franchise Finance, features an impressive lineup of thought leaders who will share the latest perspectives on the industry’s most talked-about topics. Our Cannabis and Canadian Foodservice breakout session will feature Jon Kamin, Chief Revenue Officer, Lift & Co. and Travis Petersen, President/Private Chef, the cannabis-infused Nomad Cook. Sharing novel insights from NPD's Cannabis Tracker, we will explore the cannabis-related behaviors of restaurant-goers and how you can capitalize on this opportunity. Also, be sure to join us at the welcome reception on November 4 for an exclusive cannabis terpene tasting!

To learn more about the Canadian Restaurant Leadership Summit, visit: https://restaurantsummit.ca/

For more information on the new cannabis insight, please contact your NPD representative.

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