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The NPD Group can see what others cannot -- the current realities and future possibilities for your industry, your customers, and your business.

We combine our industry expertise with unique data assets, partnering with our clients to deliver a winning advantage.

We monitor more than 1,200 retailers around the world, representing approximately 165,000 stores, and conduct more than 12 million surveys annually that tell us where consumers shop, what they buy, and how much they pay. We’re also innovating with new methodologies, to glean greater insights into consumers’ shifting tastes and trends.

In addition to providing the data of record for industry performance, we can help you understand what’s driving sales and market share, in order to achieve success. Our custom and analytic solutions and advisory services are designed to help you better understand your markets and customers; develop, price and market an appropriate product mix; uncover opportunities, manage categories, detect competitive threats, and grow your businesses.

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Tracking Services

The core and essential data every business needs to understand what’s selling, who is buying, and where

Premium Services

More details, more insights to drive decision making across your organization


Modeling and custom research for identifying the drivers of sales and market share and optimizing performance

Advisory Services

Extensive analytical experience applied to multiple data sources to provide a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape

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