Market Research for the Public Sector

Government agencies and other public serving organizations need to understand social trends, monitor economic indicators, evaluate public policy programs, and create targeted communications that reach particular demographic groups. The challenge, as always, is to quickly locate timely information, interpret the data, and apply it to critical decisions while being mindful of budget constraints.

At The NPD Group, we are a partner in these efforts. We work with a range of agencies to provide reliable market information and expert data analysis. They use this information as input for evidence-based strategies and data-driven decision-making.

Information to Develop Policy Solutions

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency
  • Economic Indicators
  • Food Safety Concerns and Attitudes Product and Menu Labeling
  • Cosmetic product use and trends
  • Electronics and Cellular Device Use
  • Digital Media Consumption
  • Alcohol Consumption

Using NPD Data for Analysis and Problem Solving

Strategic and Public Communications Planning and Segmentation

NPD data and analysis can help you uncover just the right segments for targeting your programs and policies so your time and budget are used more efficiently. NPD’s consumer data, gathered from tens of thousands of individuals allows for greater understanding of a variety of demographic groups including:

  • Infants, Children, and Families
  • Millennials
  • Seniors
  • Men and Women
  • Low and higher income populations

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Marketing and Communications Evaluation

Create communications that really resonate with NPD analytics and custom research:

  • Understand the impact of outreach campaigns and consumption incentives like product labels and energy efficient certifications.
  • Uncover trends in consumer attitudes towards certain messages

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Program Evaluation and Benchmarking

How can you tell whether your program is meeting its strategic goals? Prove your program’s success by comparing its performance variables against industry benchmarks. NPD provides the methodological expertise to help your program develop accurate standards to measure progress.

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