Now you can view total industry sales through a consumer-centric lens for more insight into your customers and better decision-making across your organization.  This analytic service allows you to mesh your proprietary segmentation scheme with the NPD Consumer Tracking Service for your industry.  NPD will also offer primary research to clients that would like to develop entirely new segmentation schemes.

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New Product Forecasting

If you have new products in the pipeline or plans to reinvigorate the ones you’re selling now, there’s a proven approach to determine whether it will meet your goals. NPD’s new product sales forecasting service can help you assess and improve the sales potential of new or revamped products and services before you launch them. It’s how to reduce the risk of investing in ideas that will not meet your sales objectives and focus your investment on your strongest concepts.

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Price/Promotion Evaluation

In the world of pricing and promotion, many complex, inter-related factors are at play. With price/promotion optimization, The NPD Group removes the question marks and neutralizes the headaches, so you can manage pricing and promotion issues more effectively and efficiently. Get a read on price elasticity, price point thresholds, and price gap thresholds and determine how different pricing scenarios might affect your sales, market share, and profit.

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Market Forecasting

We’ve designed our market forecasting solution to paint a precise, full-color picture of future patterns and trends in your key categories, and to help you understand what’s shaping and driving those trends. Partner with our team to predict your addressable market over time. Understand how changing market conditions, cross-category interactions, assortment, and distribution will impact your brand in the future.

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Product Feature Evaluation

Product feature evaluation is NPD’s POS-driven approach to determining the value in dollars of individual product features. It does this through analysis of granular store-level point-of-sale (POS) data that is representative of the entire market. For manufacturers, product feature evaluation addresses the broad range of questions that arise as they develop and take to market new and enhanced products. For retailers, it identifies the must-have product features they need to carry, supports category-level decisions on how to price and assort products within stores, and reveals people’s needs and preferences and how they evolve over time. 

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Analytic Reporting

Analytic reporting leverages NPD's Store-Level Enabled data to deliver specific, business-critical insights for success. It delivers distribution- and velocity-enhanced insights through Excel-based reporting tools that are aligned with your business issues. Customize categories, retailer universes, store clusters, and presentation formats to spot emerging trends, uncover unique dynamics, monitor share and growth, and get competitive distribution strategies.

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Trend Detection

Speed can be a tremendous source of competitive advantage, and that is why we developed our new Trend Detection service. It lets you see—often before anyone else—category leaders and laggards. Trend Detection equips manufacturers to assess the potential of their own products and brands or those of their competitors. They can also use this information to create assortment stories for their retail partners, making the case to replace lagging products with the manufacturers’ successful products.

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Market Mapping (Food)

This solution generates unprecedented detail on actual eating and drinking patterns, providing insight into where brands and chains play, why they are winning and losing, and what’s happening in their competitive sets. With market mapping service for food businesses, NPD offers a holistic platform across occasions, consumers, and needs that enable food companies and foodservice chains to grow their business from every angle.

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