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Now you can view total industry sales through a consumer-centric lens for more insight into your customers and better decision-making across your organization.  This analytic service allows you to mesh your proprietary segmentation scheme with the NPD Consumer Tracking Service for your industry.  NPD will also offer primary research to clients that would like to develop entirely new segmentation schemes. 

NPD Consumer Tracking Services are widely recognized as the data of record in more than a dozen industries.  Market leaders rely on us to track total market sales at the industry, category, brand and item level plus provide the context and motivations underlying purchase decisions.  Our data reveal not just what is selling, but also who is buying, where they are buying, and why.   

By tracking the total market, segment by segment, you’ll glean deeper insight into each segment, which can be used to develop marketing messages that resonate with your core audiences and guide product development that meets their needs.

 NPD also offers a wide range of custom research services, including advertising testing and tracking, choice studies, positioning research, pricing studies, concept testing, and pre-market sales forecasting–all of which can incorporate clients’ consumer segmentation schemes.

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