We’ve designed our market forecasting solution to paint a precise, full-color picture of future patterns and trends in your key categories, and to help you understand what’s shaping and driving those trends. Armed with this information, you’ll be empowered to engage in category planning more confidently. It will also help you:

  • Improve demand planning
  • Control stock-outs
  • Make more prudent assortment adjustments
  • Understand the impact of new product activity

Unique Data, Multi-Level Modeling and Industry Experience To Instill Confidence

Shallow data can do more harm than good. Companies that rely on data aggregated at higher levels often miss out on important relationships, with store-to-store variability going unnoticed, leading to deceptive, or even untrue, insights. A critical component of our market forecasting solution is Store-Level Enabled point-of-sale (POS) retail data. Its granularity enables you to see what others cannot. Our analysts tap into a rich vein of data to assess and identify the in-store and marketplace drivers of real-world business performance:

  • Product and brand distribution
  • Competitive interactions between brands and retailers
  • Category shelf space
  • Interactions with complementary and competing product categories
  • Average selling price trends
  • New product innovations and introductions
  • Category promotions

To put the final touches on the picture, we often bring in other data, such as macroeconomic data and social media metrics. And we always involve our team of industry experts. The end result? A deep understanding of the levers you can pull to improve business performance, and the confidence needed to pull those levers.

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