Market Mapping (Food)

Now food companies and foodservice chains can identify, understand, and quantify discrete behaviorally-based consumption occasions in order to locate sources of change and identify opportunities using The NPD Group’s market mapping service for food businesses solution. It generates unprecedented detail on actual eating and drinking patterns, providing insight into where brands and chains play, why they are winning and losing, and what’s happening in their competitive sets. With market mapping service for food businesses, NPD offers a holistic platform across occasions, consumers, and needs that enable food companies and foodservice chains to grow their business from every angle.  

By harnessing its 30-plus years of continually tracking all aspects of eating behavior inside and outside the home, NPD’s market mapping service for food businesses provides food companies and foodservice chains with a comprehensive roadmap to enable you to reduce the risk in decision-making by pointing you in the right direction of new opportunities, and where you should invest in terms of products, daypart expansion, menu items, and innovation. The service can also track the impact of marketing efforts based on behavioral outcomes.

In addition to identifying and quantifying opportunity gaps with recommendations for addressing those gaps, market mapping service for food businesses informs brand voice/communication strategies and enables you to track the impact of marketing efforts on consumer behavior, and measure success over time. And, overlaying your own consumer segmentation scheme adds even more power to the insights.

NPD also offers a wide range of custom research services, including advertising testing and tracking, choice studies, positioning research, pricing studies, concept testing, and pre-market sales forecasting–all of which can incorporate clients’ consumer segmentation schemes.

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