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In the world of pricing and promotion, many complex, inter-related factors are at play.

With price/promotion optimization, The NPD Group removes the question marks and neutralizes the headaches, so you can manage pricing and promotion issues more effectively and efficiently.

Top brands –including your competitors – across more than 20 industries already use NPD’s Analytic Solutions to address their pricing and promotions questions . . .

  • How much do changes in shelf price affect my brand’s sales?
  • When my competitor makes a price change, what effect does it have on my brand?
  • What price gaps should my brand have versus competitors’?
  • Are there particular price thresholds that need to be considered?
  • What will be the effect on sales of different price scenarios?
  • Can I fix declining market share with a price change? How much should that price change be?

NPD is the only organization with access to point-of-sale data at the store-weekly level, across brands and retailers. Higher-resolution data leads to more accurate analyses that won’t mask important price changes hidden behind aggregated market-level averages. NPD provides a more complete, more trustworthy picture of your pricing options, taking into account competitive activity.

Data at the store-weekly level allows for fact-based, informed decisions, lessening the need to make wobbly assumptions about competitive products, assortment, and store-size impacts on pricing, all of which can be associated with market-level data.

NPD is organized around industries and understands the context and story behind the numbers. NPD analysts work with the data daily – they understand its strengths and have developed comprehensive best practices to maximize value to clients.

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