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Retail Tracking provides a simple, yet comprehensive, look at how your company and your competitors perform at retail. We collect national total market sales at the industry, category, and brand levels. And we pull together that data from more than 1200 retailers representing approximately 165,000 stores across the globe.

Checkout lets you peek inside the shopping carts of thousands of consumers. By collecting receipts for both real-world and online purchases at retail (as well as those from in-app and full-game mobile purchases in the games industry), we can provide you with precise, item-level purchase detail linked to buyers and their demographics – at the category, brand and item levels.

The data comes from large-scale longitudinal panels, making it possible to study the same consumers over time, analyze competitive market baskets, and identify purchase patterns.

Consumer Tracking gives you unprecedented insight into who buys what at retail. We have nearly 50 years of experience managing consumer panels. And every year we collect about 12 million consumer surveys. How extensive is that? Consider this: if you were to try to amass that volume of data, and could process one survey every second of every day, it would take you more than 138 days to get an answer.

Distributor Tracking shows you crucial details about the supply chain, providing end-to-end coverage for the Foodservice and Technology industries.

SupplyTrack® is the first and only monthly tracking service that codes, aggregates, and tracks every product shipped from a critical mass of leading foodservice broadline distributors to each of their operators. Capturing 75 percent of the market and with three years of trend, SupplyTrack delivers in-depth insights for categories, brands, items, product attributes, and operator segments.

Distributor Track is the only source for total sales for the commercial channel, with aggregated sales data from the world’s leading technology distributors, including members of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) with whom we have an exclusive North American partnership.

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