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The Who and Where Behind Your Share

Checkout delivers the most comprehensive view of consumer purchase behavior for general merchandise categories, across all retailers over time, to help you understand how to adjust your marketing to fuel growth. 

Get a complete and accurate view of the online channel – including first and third-party sales for Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and 600+ e-commerce retailers including direct-to-consumer and emerging players.

Our clients use Checkout because it’s:

  • Comprehensive: get a complete picture of the e-commerce retail landscape
  • Omni-channel: understand sales shifts from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce
  • Detailed: benefit from granular category views in standard industry hierarchy, with comprehensive feature coding
  • Reliable: get a stable trend with alignment and benchmarking to NPD’s POS and Consumer data sets 
  • Backed with Industry Expertise: tap into NPD’s deep industry knowledge across e-commerce and brick-and-mortar

Checkout delivers longitudinal buyer-based insights, key to understanding actionable consumer behavior elements over time, online and in-store. You'll have access to purchase-tracking data by industry, including market size, share, and trend, harvested from the receipts of real consumers. In addition, we deliver deeper analysis and reports to help you understand buyer dynamics behind sales performance, inform your business strategy, and target the most lucrative opportunities.

For a more granular view on e-commerce, consumer-centered industry issues, and custom analysis, check out our suite of solutions:

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